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316 stainless steel performance to understand

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Corrosion resistance 
     Corrosion resistance than 304 stainless steel with good corrosion performance in the pulp and paper production process. And 316 stainless steel is also resistant to aggressive industrial atmosphere and ocean erosion. 
Heat resistance 
     Intermittent use at 871 ° C (1600 ° F) or less and at 927C ° (1700 ° F) or more of continuous use, the 316 stainless steel (06Cr17Ni12Mo2) has good resistance to oxidation. In the range of 427 ° C-857 ° C (800 ° F-1575 ° F), it is best not to continuous use of 316 stainless steel, but when in continuous use outside the temperature range of 316 stainless steel, the stainless steel has good heat resistance. Resistant 316L stainless steel carbide precipitation performance better than the 316 stainless steel, available above temperature range. 
Heat Treatment 
     Carried out within the temperature range of 1850-2050 ° F annealed and then rapidly annealed and then rapidly cooled. 316 stainless steel can be hardened by heat treatment. 
     316 stainless steel has good weldability. All standard welding methods may be used for welding. Welding according to use, respectively 316Cb, 316L stainless steel or 309Cb welding filler rods or rod. To get the best corrosion resistance, 316 stainless steel welding section needs to be annealed after welding. After annealing treatment if used 316L stainless steel, does not require welding