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Brief selection of aluminum alloy welding wire

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Selection 1 wire 
     For the 6005A, 6082,5083 parent material, the choice of wire grades for 5087 / AlMg4. 5MnZr, 5087 wire is not only good crack resistance, excellent resistance to pore performance, but also very good strength properties. For wire size selection, preference of large diameter wire specifications. I.e., the same equivalent weight amount of welding filler wire, welding wire surface area smaller gauge wire size is much smaller, so that the surface of the large size smaller gauge wire to wire contamination that less-oxidized region should be small, the welding quality is more likely to meet the requirements . Another large diameter wire feed process easier operation. The thickness of 8 mm or less commonly used base metal wire 1. 2 mm in diameter, for the base metal thickness of 8 mm and above using wire 1. 6 mm diameter. Automatic welding using wire 1. 6 mm diameter. 
2 optional protective gas 
     Ar100% is characterized by stable arc, easy arc, for 8mm thickness less commonly used Ar100% base metal welding. For a thickness of 8 mm or more and the porosity of the base material for high weld using Ar70% + He30% welding. Helium is characterized: 9 times the thermal conductivity of argon, welding speed, reduced porosity, depth of penetration increases. When thick plate welding, Ar100% and Ar70% + He30% penetration situation shown in Figure 1. The flow of gas is not the better choice, the turbulent flow over the General Assembly cause, leading to the pool is not sufficient to protect the air reacts with the deposited metal, weld will change, so that performance degradation, and increased tendency to produce weld porosity.