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Stainless steel wire Category Description

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1 stainless steel solid wire 
     Stainless steel solid wire with either inert gas welding (TIG, MIG welding). Also be used for submerged arc welding. MIG welding stainless steel welding can achieve efficient, and easy to implement automated welding, widely used in areas such as welding and sheet pick. MIG welding and TIG welding wire chemical composition of the same, but for some stainless steel varieties, as well as higher levels of an SI MIG wire, such as with the ER308, ER309 wire corresponding ER308Si, ER309Si, etc., due to the Si-containing up to about 0.8%, reducing the surface tension of molten metal droplets, the droplet particles become so small, excessive injection easier, so that the arc becomes more stable. While also improving the wettability of the metal droplet, so that the weld corrugated appearance, easy to produce incomplete penetration, slag, porosity and other missing filling. Submerged arc welding with solid wire of stainless steel, its chemical composition and the same gas shielded arc welding of stainless steel, but it should be equipped with non-silicon fluoride or without fierce low silicon manganese smelting high fluoride type flux.
2 stainless steel flux cored wire 
     Stainless steel flux cored wire can be like carbon and low alloy flux-cored wire, like stainless steel were easy and efficient welding, stainless steel flux cored wire MAG welding based application to conduct MAG welding having the following characteristics; 1) and compared to manual welding, deposition rate can be increased 2-4 times, its deposition efficiency up to 90% (only 55% stainless steel electrode) 2) a large current, the voltage range of adaptation, welding conditions set relatively easy, easy to perform semi-automatic and automated welding. 3) Good slag removal, weld surface gloss. Furthermore, little spatter, excellent arc stability, X-rays pass.